Week 7: CRISPR Week

Natural or not?

A wonderful lecture from Marta de Menezes kicked off the last week of theory. Marta is an artist from Portugal who runs Cultivamos Cultura, the leading institution devoted to experimental art in Portugal and Ectopia,...

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Week 6: Life in Silico

The secret life of proteins

The week started off with a lecture by John La Cava, of Rockefeller NY and Groningen University, whose team has developed a new scientific aproach to studying protein interactions and their role in the...

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Week 5: Growing More

Design fiction & Green Fluorescent Proteins

This full week is a bit different as we are joined by the participants of the Hybrid Lab Network, a European network of bioscience labs from Amsterdam, LJubljana, Helsinki and Porto, that share...

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Week 4: Growing Materials

Lichens & Mushrooms & Algae & Bacteria

Monday started off with a fascinating talk by Andrea Knouf on her research on Lichen (korstmossen, in Dutch) as ecosystems consisting of symbiotic relationships between algae, or cyanobacteria and fungi. As a...

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Week 3: Making the Lab

Making a sterile hood and a magnetic stirrer

Still online this week as I’m not entirely better, but I’m exited to get building. At first I decided to build an incubator since I have a lot of styrofoam let...

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Week 2: Deconstructing the Lab

Exiting talks and ideas!

Unfortunately this weekend my daughter came down with Covid and I didn’t think it was safe for me to go to Waag physically on Monday. I was glad to have been careful because on Tuesday...

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Week 1: Introduction

Binge watching the zoom sessions

I spent the spring holiday week abroad with my kids, so I watched all zoom sessions on the way back. Lucas Evers’ elaborate presentation on biohacking got me wired to finally get started! I...

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