Hi all! I work at the Centre for Creative Technology of Utrecht School for the Arts (HKU) and like to think about and develop spaces and practices for materials research (while making and experimenting myself as much as I can). I currently work on the further development of the HKU Biolab, and am super exited to be able to dive deeper in to the technicalities and dynamics behind bioart and lab environments, and the ways practice and space interact.

My educational background is in interactive art (BAs in arts and music from KABK and Royal Conservatory The Hague, MA in New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University). I previously taught Ubiquitous Computing and Making as Research at Amsterdam Polytechnic and co-founded the Makerslab there after enrolling in the Fabacademy course here at de Waag six or seven years ago… It’s really exciting to be back again!

As a personal interest right now I’m experimenting with growing mycelium as a design(ing) layer on top of Riso and screen prints. I also have an old Leapfrog 3D printer in my lab that I would love to adapt so that it will be able to print nutrient agar or mycelium inoculated material… I would also love to develop a display cabinet for living materials to use safely outside of the biolab at HKU, or artistic tools to work with in the biolab. Just some ideas to explore!